One of the number one things people seem to be so curious about me is what a “typical day” for a small business bakeshop owner looks like. What I always want to respond is, “I don’t remember the last time my days were ‘typical’”!!! However, I have found that injecting routine into my day helps me stay focused and on-task, which is especially important when you are your own boss (and sales team, and marketer, and brand ambassador… the list goes on, but more on that later).

I ‘typically’ wake up pretty early because I moonlight (daylight?) as a spin instructor at an awesome little studio in the North Beach ‘hood of SF called GO! Indoor Cycling. Even if I’m not teaching, I simply have to catch the @Today show every morning to get my Matt Lauer fix while sipping my coffee and checking emails. Did I mention I am almost certainly multitasking for the majority of my day? That just seems to be what gets everything done. There are prospective customers to follow-up with, sales calls to make, or demos to conduct in-store. I love driving to my bakery to check on everyone there, then I’ll follow that up with some deliveries to local customers (yes, hand-delivered by me!) and finally, I stop by some retail stores to check on my products and make sure it’s staying stocked up and looking good on the shelves!

You tired yet? (I usually am.) Too bad there is some paperwork to do now! I will enter expenses and process any new orders that come in. I try to do this daily so that I deliver speedy service to all my customers. Keeping proper books is so key to achieving that.

By now, my boyfriend Vince  (you may now know him as “The Handsome Helper”) is home so he makes me sit down to eat some dinner (thanks Vince!). We often discuss things that come up during the day, and I get his opinion on some marketing and small business items. (Double thanks, HH!) After dinner, I’ll try to do some research and more emailing, but, ‘typically’ my brain shuts off around 7p. I try to clear out the to-dos in my head and fall asleep early, ready for it all to start again the next day… with the occasional podcast or video recording, networking coffee, or R&D baking thrown in for good measure.

No day is the same, but that’s what keeps me engaged. I am working hard for my dream, and while I have a great support team (again, more on that later!) at times it can feel like a one-woman show… and I would not have it any other way.