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What Is Soft-Baked Biscotti?

It sounds like a contradiction, right? Well, it's a delicious one. Soft-baked biscotti are a fabulous fusion of a scrumptious cookie and a traditional, crunchy biscotti. Our handcrafted treats provide the expected and satisfying crunch of a classic, twice-baked biscotti with a slightly more tender, cookie-like texture.

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Get Creative with Your Soft-Baked Biscotti

marlos bake shop soft-baked biscotti

The Cookie Chronicles: Recipes

Coffee Cake Crunch Sticky Buns

Coffee Cake Crunch Sticky Buns
I know some people find the holidays to be an incredibly stressful time, but i absolutely love the last 6 weeks of the year when my thoughts revolve around designing party menus and tackling a to-do list of items that have been accumulating for months. These pair beautifully with freshly brewed coffee, a cold glass of milk or a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream

A Birthday Cake Alternative: Butterscotch Cream Pie

A Birthday Cake Alternative: Butterscotch Cream Pie
Cream pies are not something I grew up with.  We were an ice cream kind of family. No matter how cold it was outside, we always had at least 5 pints of ice cream in the freezer and if you wanted dessert after dinner that was what you were getting.  Which suited me fine because honestly, ice cream is delicious, right? it wasn't until i met my now-husband that i began to understand the merits of a good cream pie. 

Pumpkin Spiced Trifle

Pumpkin Spiced Trifle
Today, my tummy fortunately (or unfortunately) can't stomach those quantities of fat and sugar and so when my aunt sent me this recipe for a pared down, more sophisticated version of dirt, I got so excited i made it that afternoon. We used our Pumpkin Pie flavor in honor of the impending fall season and because those spice profiles pair so beautifully with chocolate & cream. 

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