Forget the taste that’s just like Grandmom used to make. Marlo’s Bakeshop soft-baked biscotti and Heirloom cookies are what Grandmom used to make.

Marlo’s grandmom, Ann, passed her super-secret family recipe for soft-baked biscotti cookies down to Marlo, and the world’s most genuine and delicious cookie bakery was born.
Marlo of Marlo's Bakeshop
Marlo Giudice does all the recipe sourcing and development for Marlo's Bakeshop, tapping into the sweetness of nature to meticulously craft our wholesome, gourmet baked goods batch-by-batch.

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BANANA BREAD (Gluten-Free) soft-baked biscotti

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marlos bake shop soft-baked biscotti

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Indulge in unbelievable recipes and learn about cookie culture from our recipes and blogs section. There’s an entire world outside the steps of our biscotti and cookie bakery, and we intend to bring the best gourmet baked goods to it every day.

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The Cookie Chronicles: Recipes

No-Bake Chocolate Pudding Cake

No-Bake Chocolate Pudding Cake
Calling all chocolate lovers! Boy, do we have a cake for you. No-Bake Chocolate Pudding Cake is filled to the brim with chocolate. chocolate, chocolate. While there is no actual baking of this dessert, you will need to allow time for freezing the chocolate building blocks that make up this...

It's All About Balance Smoothie Bowl

It's All About Balance Smoothie Bowl
People always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, however the key is not WHEN you eat but HOW you eat! When you fuel your body with a balanced meal, you’re also fueling your mind for the day to come, and with the start of a new...

Fig & Mascarpone Tart

Fig & Mascarpone Tart
Holiday parties are supposed to be festive and fun, so why are we serving the same boring desserts year after year? Store-bought sugar cookies & homemade yule logs are not going to be on the guest list this year. Instead we'll be serving up slices of this elegant and delicious...