Forget the taste that’s just like Grandmom used to make. Marlo’s Bakeshop soft-baked biscotti and Heirloom cookies are what Grandmom used to make.

Marlo’s grandmom, Ann, passed her super-secret family recipe for soft-baked biscotti cookies down to Marlo, and the world’s most genuine and delicious cookie bakery was born.
Marlo of Marlo's Bakeshop
Marlo Giudice does all the recipe sourcing and development for Marlo's Bakeshop, tapping into the sweetness of nature to meticulously craft our wholesome, gourmet baked goods batch-by-batch.

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The Cookie Chronicles: Recipes

Chocolate Lasagna

Chocolate Lasagna
No pasta. No tomatoes. No bechamel.  But darn this sure eats like a lasagna: all the layers of flavor and texture combine in your mouth for a creamy, crunchy and just-sweet-enough dessert that is as impressive to serve as it is indulgent to swallow. Full disclosure: this recipe does take...

Cannoli Cheesecake with Biscotti Crust

Cannoli Cheesecake with Biscotti Crust
photo: courtesy of food network Spring is the time of year when we celebrate rebirth and the emergence of sunshine, warmth and the earth reawakening from its winter slumber. How better to rejoice during this season than with afternoons with family and friends, enjoying each others' company over slices of...

Chocolate Hazelnut "Nanaimo" Bars

Chocolate Hazelnut "Nanaimo" Bars
We're suckers for chocolate hazelnut anything so these bars really had us going crazy. The base for these bars is a crunchy biscotti cookie crust made with Chocolate Chip Brownie Soft-Baked Biscotti mixed with chopped toasted hazelnuts. This crust is topped off with a sweet & creamy layer, chocolate ganache,...