Marlo’s Bakeshop makes all-natural baked goods that remind you of your childhood, without all the hardness that comes with traditional biscotti. Marlo’s biscotti shop offers twice-baked cookies with a softer, tender crunch—it’s biscotti with the soul of a cookie. The delicious, soft texture of Marlo’s all natural sweets sets us apart from other bakeries.

Premium Ingredients in Our Biscotti Shop

Here at Marlo’s Bakeshop, we only use the highest quality premium ingredients to create our natural baked goods. Our ingredients are GMO-free, and easy to pronounce, because we care about being transparent in our ingredient choices. We only use ingredients in our all natural sweets that we’d bake with at home, and we work with wonderful, local producers to create “The Best Cookies on the Market!”

Delicious Flavors of Online Biscotti

Marlo’s Bakeshop makes buying biscotti online easy, and we offer a variety of delicious flavors for you to choose from and enjoy. Our Original soft-baked biscotti features dark-chocolate chips, toasted walnuts, and chocolate-covered raisins. We also offer Chocolate Chip Brownie and Brown Sugar Coffee Cake biscotti flavors.   (made all flavor names capitalized)

For our gluten-free visitors, or for any banana bread lovers, we offer delicious gluten-free banana bread biscotti. We also offer cookie bites available in all our regular (non-gluten free) flavors. You can’t go wrong with Marlo’s selection of all natural baked goods available in delicious and unique flavors.

chocolate chip brownie soft-baked biscotti
brown sugar coffee cake soft-baked biscotti
BANANA BREAD (Gluten-Free) soft-baked biscotti
marlos bakeshop the original soft-baked biscotti


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Cookie Bites

Cookie Bites

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