Cookies & coffee = perfection!

At Marlo's Bakeshop we believe indulgence is an important part of a balanced and sustainable approach to eating & enjoying life. If you like to indulge with cookies and you don't have homemade, we believe our products are the next best thing as we're committed to using ingredients you'd find in your own home kitchen.

If you believe in this approach to eating as well and are passionate about consuming & sharing products with family & friends that are made with natural & GMO-free ingredients (and that taste GREAT!) then you would be perfect for our affiliate program.

How it Works:
Marlo's Bakeshop will set up your very own personal discount code based on your Instagram handle for you to share with your friends, family, and followers. We will also send you information and video links that you can share with your network about our ingredients, baking process and unique family recipes. 

When people come in and shop at you will accrue credit to your own account. 

At the end of each month, we will offer you a scaling discount between 20%-40% off your own orders through our site based on the number of people that have purchased a product(s) via your referrals.

We will email you a screenshot of the month’s activity so you can verify the detail and then we will provide a code for you to use at your leisure to receive your own discount on your favorite Marlo's products. 

Discount Tiers: 

 1-5 Orders  20% off your own shopping cart
 6-9 Orders  25% off your own shopping cart
 10-13 Orders  30% off your own shopping cart
 14+ Orders  40% off your order shopping cart

If you'd like to participate please contact us at & we'll get you set up ASAP. 

Thank you!

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