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Marlo's Bakeshop started with my Grandmom Ann. Grandmom made our Original soft-baked biscotti for over 50 years from a secret recipe that was never divulged.  Ever.  And Grandmom regularly sent the addictive hunks of delicate crunch to everyone in the family in tins layered to the brim with cookie perfection. Fortunately, Grandmom passed on her wisdom (and her recipe) to me several years back and we have been sharing her cookies secrets at Marlo's Bakeshop ever since.  

In 2018 we launched our Heirloom cookie line to continue this tradition of sharing treasured family recipes from generation to generation. Using social media (thanks, Facebook & Instagram!) we found individuals with amazing family recipes who generously let us try our hand at replicating them in our bakery.  We chose the recipes that we thought we could most accurately bake in larger quantities while retaining the integrity of the original cookies.

Today, you can taste these spectacularly unique & delicious products that are our Tahini Tea Cookie & Sweet Heat Double Chocolate Chip Cookie


We make my grandmother's recipe exclusively with GMO-free and organic ingredients, free from any preservatives or artificial flavors or colors, because we want to feel good about eating our cookies and sharing them with family and friends.

At Marlo's we believe there's room in everyone's day for a small treat.  We believe indulgence is an important part of a sustainable, balanced diet, and that what you treat yourself with can have a more virtuous nutritional profile while not compromising on taste or flavor.

That's why we're committed to using only clean and wholesome ingredients that you'd find in your home kitchen.  Because when you treat yourself, it should be as good (or better!) as homemade. #UPGRADETHECOOKIEJAR

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