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Marlo's Bakeshop started with my Grandmom Ann. Grandmom made our soft-baked biscotti for over 50 years from a secret recipe that was never divulged. Ever. And Grandmom regularly sent the addictive hunks of delicate crunch to everyone in the family in cookie tins, layered to the brim. Grandmom set the bar high. Grandmom passed on her wisdom (and her recipe) to me a few years back, and we have been perfecting it at Marlo's Bakeshop ever since.  Today I make my grandmother's recipe exclusively with premium ingredient free from any preservatives or artificial flavors or colors. 

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It sounds like a contradiction, right? Well, it's a delicious one. Soft-baked biscotti are a fabulous fusion of a scrumptious cookie and a classic, crunchy biscotti. But don't take our word for it- use coupon code TRYUS20 for 20% off your first order of Marlo's Bakeshop cookies. If you like them, tell us about your experience (@MarlosBakeshop) and if you've had the chance to #upgradethecookiejar.

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