The 2017 Marlo’s Bakeshop Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again when you should start thinking of small holiday gifts that will be meaningful to all the people on your holiday shopping list. It’s hard to find something for everyone in the same place, but you may be able to come close with the unique edible gifts we’ve stocked in the Marlo’s Bakeshop online store.

Getting a little something for the important people doesn’t have to be stressful on you and your budget. Here are a few great inexpensive gift ideas when you’re shopping for:

The Family Member Who Loves to Bake

You know the family member we’re talking about—whenever you visit them, they greet you with a homemade pie or loaf of bread that they just pulled out of the oven. They’re constantly looking for new recipes to try and whenever a family member needs a birthday cake, they come to the rescue with their frosting piping kit. This year, give them a small holiday gift that they’ll love incorporating into their baking: Cookie Bites.

Our Cookie Bites are just like our Soft-Baked Biscotti, but their bite-size form makes them easy to crumble up and use as a crust or topping. We’ve got plenty of recipes that use this unique holiday food gift: to add a personal touch, you could collect your favorite recipes and put them into a book for your gift recipient.





The Busy Parents

You probably know parents who seem like they’re constantly on-the-go with their kids, heading to school concerts, volleyball games, and teacher conferences. Give them an edible and delicious holiday gift that will also let them slow down and spend a fun afternoon with their kids.


The Sundae Funday kit contains everything (except the ice cream) your gift recipient needs to set up a sundae bar. They’ll get all-natural rainbow sprinkles, organic hot fudge sauce, black cherries, and our Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookie Bites. It’s the perfect start to a kid’s birthday party or family movie night.

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The Friend Who Loves Dinner Parties

If you have a friend who loves gathering a group of people together for a meal, give them something they can use at their next dinner party. The Host(ess) with the Most(ess) kit is one of the best holiday gifts for food lovers, and includes a selection of sweet and savory snacks your friend can set out before dinner. The Original Soft-Baked Biscotti, pear butter, spiced almonds, and parmesan and herbs popcorn are sure to be a hit with guests and will help keep hunger at bay while the host finishes cooking.

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gift collection cookie cheese jam


The Coworker Who Adds Hot Sauce to Everything

Know someone who doesn’t think their food is spicy enough unless it’s making them sweat? Have a coworker who keeps a personal bottle of hot sauce in the office fridge? They’ll love our Sweet Heat Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, a dark chocolate treat that gets a kick from cinnamon and cayenne pepper. These mouthwatering cookies come in a super gift-friendly package and are the perfect inexpensive gift idea for your spiciest coworker.


For those who are worried about the heat factor, it’s worth noting that these cookies won’t set anyone’s mouth on fire. The sweet and spicy flavors are nicely balanced so that you don’t need an impressively high spice tolerance to enjoy them.

sweet heat double chocolate chip cookies


The Indecisive Friend

If you have a friend who always struggles to choose between restaurants or spends days comparison shopping online, get them a unique edible gift that doesn’t require decisions by giving them the Variety Pack from Marlo’s Bakeshop. The Variety Pack comes with 5-ounce boxes of our classic Soft-Baked Biscotti flavors: Original, Chocolate Chip Brownie, Brown Sugar Coffee Cake, and Gluten-Free Banana Bread. Your friend will get to try a little bit of everything when you choose this holiday food gift idea—no guesswork about whether they’d prefer chocolate or banana bread.

5oz box variety pack oft-baked biscotti


The Person Who Likes to Shop for Themselves

We’ve all got that person in our life who knows what they like and would rather just pick out a small holiday gift for themselves. Fortunately, Marlo’s Bakeshop offers gift cards in $25 increments so that your friend or family member can get exactly what they want. Pick out a holiday card or make one yourself (bonus points if you make one that incorporates puns about baked goods) and put the gift card inside.

Gift Card

Gift Card




You and everyone on your holiday shopping list can feel good about the unique edible gifts in Marlo’s Bakeshop’s holiday gift giving guide: we use only high-quality, GMO-free ingredients to make wholesome indulgences. Shop our entire store now to discover the perfect gift idea for any food-lover this holiday season.


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