A Sunday Affair

On a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in late July, some folks got together to cook and some others came as well to eat. Those who came to cook did so with the intention of creating and sharing great food with those who came to eat. Oh, and get phenomenal photos taken of said food. Did I forget to mention there was a food photographer there, too?

marlo and kellanThat's Kellan and me to the left; the 'those' who came to cook. Or, in my case, bake. Kellan's Kitchen, along with the incredibly talented Shea Evans (of his eponymous photography company), decided to host a dinner party in the East Bay using the seasonal bounty of the farms so that they could take beautiful pictures of pretty people, the food and the event. And Marlo's Bakeshop just had to come along for the ride.

plum thyme crostata with vanilla mascarponeWhile a group of young & attractive Californians gradually filtered into the kitchen, Kellan and I prepped the dinner and dessert of- among other drool-inducing items- roasted pork chops, grilled local peaches, dandelion green salad and plum thyme crostatas with vanilla mascarpone.  And while I love the sense of sharing and warmth that family-style desserts imbue in a meal, there's something lovely and charming about having one's own, individual treat. So that's what I did.

Now we just have to get Sunset magazine to take notice of our glitzy summer photo shoot...


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