An Eye on Giving Back
At Marlo's we've been thinking a lot recently about how, as a brand, we can 'give back' to the community and provide support for the region that has given us 
so much and welcomed our products with open arms. It was so fortuitous that, as I was having these thoughts and wondering how we could use our cookies
and resources to strengthen the community, the ladies behind Sponsor Lane reached out and provided the platform through which non-profits and organizations can access our desire to give back.

Since we started working with Sponsor Lane we've been able to donate cookies to 8 events and help organizations like Willpowered Woman and the Exploratorium raise funds to continue to fight for their causes. I love that there's a centralized network through which companies can find me and Marlo's and we can connect to support one another.

In addition to these donations we've collaborated with a premium coffee company to offer our customers (YOU!) a curated gift box option for the 2016 holidays: The Cafe Selection. 20% of proceeds from the sale of this gift collection will goes toward Humor Writes, a non-profit that uses laughter to teach child literacy and helps kids gain confidence in the classroom.

Moving forward, we'll select a cause each month in 2017 that we'll donate a percentage of sales from to. I am so energized and excited about this idea and truly hope we can make a difference for these organizations.

Next up: working with public schools to launch fundraising programs that would also give me the opportunity to speak to the students about business principals and promote women's entrepreneurship!
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