Tips for Curating the Perfect Gift Set

The gift basket is a simple, personal way of letting someone know that you love them and you’re thinking about them. The key is finding useful, yet thoughtful items to fill it in the most creative way. For those who are not schooled in the art of assembling a perfect gift basket, here are some of our basket ideas for the ones in your life special enough to receive a basket from you.




1. Pick a theme.

Seems simple enough, right? To some this may be a little overwhelming, especially when you have so many great ideas. We suggest starting with one item, like a luxurious candle or your favorite chocolates, and going from there. Once you select a few more products the theme should naturally present itself, such as self-care basket, spa day, or even just chocolate theme.


2. Think outside the box (literally).

Traditional gifts have always been delivered in the classic woven basket or box with cellophane wrapping up the whole thing. However, we suggest you get creative with delivery means, maybe using a sand pail for  summer themed basket or a wooden crate for a fall apple picking theme. Bonus points for any item that your gift receiver can reuse in their own life!


3. Size matters.

In addition to have a theme tying your gifts together, we also suggest mixing up the size and textures of your included items. It's more visually appealing to have a good combination of large and small gifts, like oversize candles to go with a mini bottle of champagne and box of matches. 


4. It's the thought that counts.

Each item you select in your gift should have a reason to be included. Try to keep on theme while also making sure to personalize your gift as much as you can. And a handwritten note speaks volumes! It shows the level of thought and care you put into crafting this gift just for you.


5. Don't forget something sweet!

No matter what your theme is, people always enjoy a little something sweet in a gift basket. It could be their favorite candy, maybe salt water taffy for a summer themed basket, or chocolate carrots for Easter. Whether we use the individually wrapped singles or 5oz boxes, gifting our soft-baked biscotti & cookies means your recipient will shorty be enjoying a perfectly indulgent moment of 'me-time' and respite in their day. Assemble the perfect biscotti or cookie gift set with any of the baked goods on our site. Don't see exactly what you want?  Contact us to create a unique & memorable corporate gifting or cookie gift experience.

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