Biscotti & ....

Most likely where you live the air is getting cooler and that fabulous fall smell is permeating crisp mornings and early evenings- unless you live in San Francisco, like us, and you're thinking how sick you are of this October heat.  

No matter what weather you're enjoying (or not) right now, nothing makes it feel like fall more than indulging in your favorite fall seasonal flavors for breakfast, lunch, dinner & all your snack breaks in between.  

Even if you're not a tea, coffee (or pumpkin spice latte) fan- we've got a cookie/beverage pairing here that will help you embrace this special time of year! 

Recommended Pairings

Double Chocolate Espresso "Midnight" SBB with
rich & indulgent hot cocoa

The limited-edition Chocolate Pumpkin Pie SBB with cold and creamy vanilla ice cream (pro tip: warm up the biscotti for 10 seconds in a microwave first to melt the chocolate chunks!)

A classic for a classic: Grandmom's Original SBB with a piping hot cappuccino. Don't forget the dash of cinnamon on top!

A perfectly steeped mug of English Breakfast tea with our Gluten, Dairy & Soy-Free Banana Bread SBB. Soft & delicate flavors mix here to create a calming taste sensation. 

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