Bourbon or Wine? Don't Choose, Have Both (with a soft-baked biscotti).
What do you do when you always have a stash of fresh, soft-baked biscotti in your house? You find yourself eating them at all hours of the day, thinking about how you can incorporate them into every meal (crumble on yogurt for breakfast! Dip them in milk for lunch! Warm up and toss over ice cream after dinner!) and what other potentially exotic and newfangled ways you can eat them.

​As a result, we've developed a cadre of recipes and video how-tos on our website and YouTube channel to demonstrate all the- ahem- creative and delicious ways approaches we've managed to  take to incorporate our cookies into dishes you may not necessarily think of using them in: cheesecake, milk shakes, affogatos, Valentine's Day and sundaes, among other items. 

The ones we've most enjoyed filming and sharing with you though are those for our bourbon and wine pairings.  It was tough work, but in the name of research we sat ourselves down with several wine varietals & an equal amount of different bourbons (or rye) and tasted each of our line's soft-baked biscotti flavors in the search for the 'perfect pair'. 

While we've helped to lay the pairings foundation for you in these videos, we recognize that everyone's palates are different and the beauty is that our pairings could be combinations that you may enjoy BUT you may find a flavor match that we didn't even think of or that you like better!

So, with that in mind, our recommendation is to get some friends together, go to your local store or order a box of each flavor biscotti online, pickup a variety of wines and/or bourbons & make yourself a little pu pu platter tasting party this coming weekend. 

It's a fun way to follow up a cheese plate or savory hors d'oeuvres and no one will mind the subtle way you'll warm them up this chilly winter. 

Don't forget to let us know which pairings YOU liked best! We'd love to hear your feedback. 
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