DIY Summer Activities

Backyard barbecues, days at the beach, fresh watermelon, flip flops, fireworks, popsicles melting down your hand. Nothing beats summertime. We wait all year for summer vacation and now that it’s here, it’s time to celebrate!

Some of our favorite childhood memories are summers spent running around in the sprinkles in the backyard or making homemade strawberry ice cream. There’s plenty of summer fun to be had right in your backyard and we’ve assembled some of our favorite DIY Summer Activities for you to have fun all summer long.


1. Homemade Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is an excellent way to fill a hot, lazy summer afternoon. Best of all there’s no wrong way to tie-dye. Some of the best designs have come from happy accidents! Remember to have kids wear an apron or smock over old clothes and cover your work area with plastic sheets. For best results, use a prewashed, 100% cotton T-shirt or other article of clothing.

We love this natural tie-dye kit, which includes gloves, rubber bands, and tie-dye techniques. 

Find more creative tie-dye techniques here, including our fave the Kaleidoscope! 


2. Lawn Scrabble

Summer days are perfect for easy lawn games in the backyard with friends and family. Especially inexpensive and fun games that like this that are perfect for the young and young at heart! All you need is some cardboard or poster board and markers to make a Scrabble board that spans the whole yard.

3. DIY Slip N’ Slide

Nothing says summer like a good old Slip N’ slide runway in your yard. And while you may end up with a few bumps and bruises at the end of the day, slip n’ slides are one of the most memorable parts of summer!

Follow these simple steps to make this super fun DIY Slip N’ Slide for a day filled with lots of laughs. 


4. Sponge Water Bombs

Water balloons are super fun, but filling hundreds of balloons and watching them disappear in a matter of 30 seconds can be frustrating, not to mention spending the time to pick up every single piece of balloon. Which is why we LOVE these reusable sponge water bombs! Invite over neighborhood friends and family, divide into two teams and have a massive water bomb fight, no cleanup necessary!


Steps for making Sponge Water Bombs 


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