I know,  I know...I already mention her on the home page of this site (and on Facebook, and on Twitter...) but I just can't help it- my Grandmom is a pip (see def'n. #2)! She's warm & funny though & at 87 she's impressively still got snark and a bit of attitude.

We were lucky enough to have to her join us for the holiday last week and I took the opportunity to videotape her so that we have formal documentation of the lady that started it all.

I asked her several questions about Marlos and the original recipe and how long she's been making them.  Her explanation as to why they are special though is really what resonated with me: "Because made them!" she exclaimed, as if that was the most obvious reason in the world.  I'll have to edit the laughs that followed out later.

The video needs to be trimmed and snipped and groomed in all the right places, but my hope is that eventually clips of my Grandmom will make it into a larger Kickstarter video with which I plan to raise money to expand the business.

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