Guide To Passing On Family Recipes
Every family has traditions that are special to them, especially those relating to food and recipes. Marlo’s Bakeshop became a reality all because one secret family recipe was passed down through generations. Here are our tips to passing on your favorite family recipes to continue sharing those traditions with your loved ones:


Hands-On Practice

A lot of times, mothers and grandmothers create dishes either without any written guidance. Their measurements and proportions of ingredients are probably eyeballed measurements. So, in order for you to be able to recreate the dish as closely as possible, it’s best to help your mom or grandmom in their process of it. That way, you get the hands-on experience and can take your own notes of the little unexplainable details.


Pen and Paper

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? It’s the 21st century, why not just use Google? Well, passing on hand-written recipes allows the feeling of “family” to stay present. Maybe the recipe was altered somewhere along the way, having all of those notes would make it more personal to your family. Don’t just Google “easy family recipes” because they will never be from your own family.


Make It Fun For All

Yes, we all lead excessively busy lives, with work, kids, and so much more. How can you possibly expect to use grandma’s complicated recipe to make dinner when you can heat up some frozen food for an easy dinner? Cooking is an excellent way to engage the whole family and tighten your connection, and you can simultaneously learn traditional recipes as well as pass them on further. Your kids could help you with the simpler tasks like measuring ingredients while you do the harder parts. Just have fun!


Keep an Open Mind and Open Heart

The culinary world today is full of unique flavor combinations and creations. Don’t feel limited to just your own family’s recipes. Try new things, follow recipes or create your own, and maybe you will start a new family tradition and pass it on to your kids and grandkids and so on.

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