Happy 3rd Birthday to Us!
We can't believe it: 3 years ago Marlo's Bakeshop was launched with a secret family recipe and a hunger to share it with the world.  Today, because of your SUPPORT, LOVE & APPETITE FOR WORTHY ADDICTIONS, our cookies are sold in over 400 stores with additional accounts coming on  board each week. 

And we wouldn't be here without you: As a 'thank you' that really is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of our appreciation, you can purchase any product on Marlo's Bakeshop for 20% off today through August 10th- that's a full week  of money-saving, cookie-eating bliss! We hope this helps you enjoy our birthday celebration and remember- don't ever hesitate to share how we can make your Marlo's Bakeshop experience better or more enjoyable!

Thanks for being THE BEST fans & customers that a gal could ask for. 

Hugs & Cookies,

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