5 Simple Tips for Healthier Snacking on the Go

It may feel like you don’t have time to sit down for a home-cooked meal or visit the local farmer’s market on the weekend, but it’s still possible to manage healthy grab and go snacks. We know you’re short on time, so dive right into our five quick tips for healthy snacking.

Make Your Own Portable Snacks

If you’ve got a few spare minutes on the weekend or in the morning before work, make yourself some simple and healthy snacks for days when you’re on the go. It doesn’t get much easier than chopping up an apple or a few vegetables, like bell peppers and carrots. Oven-roasted chickpeas and hard-boiled eggs are also good bets because they’re rich in protein and will keep you feeling full for longer.

Look for Natural Ingredients

Maybe you don’t have time to prepare your own snacks and need to grab something pre-packaged. We get it. The good news is that it’s still possible to make healthy snack choices on the go: just look for pre-packaged snacks that contain natural ingredients you can pronounce. Our Soft-Baked Biscotti is a great option; we use only premium, GMO-free ingredients that you can feel good about.

Stock Up on Single-Serving Snacks

Rather than buying the Sharing Size bag of M&Ms and eating them in one sitting, pick up snacks that are parceled out in single-serving containers. By choosing pre-portioned snacks like popcorn, mixed nuts, and dried fruit, you’ll satisfy your snacking urge without overeating.

Keep Healthy Grab and Go Snacks in Easy Reach

For many of us, reaching for junk food is something we do for the sake of convenience. So why not make healthy snacks even quicker than heading to the vending machine or ordering takeout? Keep healthy, portable snacks in sight at home. For example, you could leave a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter so that you can grab an apple or banana as you head out the door. If you work in an office, keep some small healthy grab and go snacks at your desk so that you can make healthy choices when hunger strikes.

Eat at Regular Intervals

When you go for long stretches without eating, your blood sugar will dip, which can cause you to feel hungry, irritable, and unfocused (we all know the feeling). It can also cause you to overeat later in the day. Eating a quick healthy snack or small meal every three to four hours will help keep your blood sugar steady so that you can be more productive and avoid intense hunger cravings.

Snacking isn’t something you should feel bad about. When you make (mostly) healthy snack choices and practice moderation, you’ll keep your energy levels up and avoid overindulging during your next meal.

Is all this talk about snacks making you hungry? Shop our baked goods now and discover the perfect grab-and-go addition to your pantry.

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