Host Your Own Wine Pairings & Soft-Baked Biscotti Party

It seems like every part of the country is getting slammed with crazy winter weather right now! From heavy rains and flash floods in California to the extremely cold temperatures all along the east coast, we can only assume that people are spending a lot of time indoors trying to stay warm. And what better way to stay warm than to host a wine and soft-baked biscotti party for you and your friends! Grab a few of your favorite bottles of wine, throw some logs on the fire and invite your friends over for fun, easy, and warm night in!


First things first, you’ll need to figure out which varietals pair best with each flavor of soft-baked biscotti. Pairing wine and biscotti is as natural as pairing peanut butter and jelly. But if you don’t know which varietals pair best with each flavor, don’t worry! We put together a wine and biscotti pairings video to help you out.



If you are a little lost about how to taste the wine and which biscotti flavor to pair with it, we’ve created a cheat sheet for wine and biscotti pairings:

When it comes to wine tasting, first stick your nose in the glass and smell the flavors in the wine. Then take a little sip, swirl it around in your mouth a bit, then after you’ve swallowed take another smell of the wine. After you’ve smelled it again, take a bite of the biscotti you are pairing with the wine.

Original & Pinot Noir

We like to pair the Original with a light bodied Pinot Noir. Although this wine doesn’t have a ton of body, the flavors in the wine are a perfect compliment to the biscotti and the Pinot does a great job of pulling out the cinnamon sugar flavor that is sprinkled on top of the biscotti.


Chocolate Chip Brownie & Cabernet Sauvignon

The Chocolate Chip Brownie flavor is a little sweeter and richer than the Original and for this reason we pair this flavor with a heavier wine than the Pinot. A Cabernet works really well with the Chocolate Chip Brownie flavor, as does a Zinfindel with a few peppery notes. Any fruit forward wine pairs nicely with this flavor.


Gluten-Free Banana Bread & Ice Wine

Ice Wine is a non-traditional dessert wine that is bursting with fruit flavors. This wine requires a cold climate where grapes are harvested frozen on the vine. Because this wine is very sweet and syrupy, it is a perfect balance to the Gluten-Free Banana Bread biscotti, which has subtle banana flavors and a little bit of cinnamon sugar as well.


Feeling inspired by what you’ve learned? Host your own wine and soft-baked biscotti party for your friends by grabbing a few bottles of your favorite wine and one of our variety packs.

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