How to Host an Unforgettable Dessert Party

We all need an excuse to indulge in sweet baked goods now and then, and what better way to do that than by hosting a dessert party? Gather a small group of friends, build the perfect playlist for the evening, and follow our recommendations to make your dessert tasting party a hit.

Remember That Variety Is the Spice of Life

When deciding on your dessert party menu, go for variety: light, rich, sweet, tart, crunchy, silky. Consider serving a few savory snacks as well, like soft-baked pretzels or a cheese platter. If you’re hosting a potluck-style party, you could create a Google Spreadsheet where everyone can input what they’re baking. That way you won’t accidentally end up with eight trays of snickerdoodle cookies (not that there’s anything wrong with snickerdoodle).

Make It a Small Plate Affair

You know that saying about your eyes being bigger than your stomach, right? With lots of desserts laid out in a buffet-style setting, it can be tempting to try everything, so make it easier on your guests by keeping the serving sizes small whenever possible. That way, your guests will be able to try what they want without feeling like they’re about to slip into a food coma.

Stay on Theme

We know, “dessert” is a party theme in and of itself, but why not get more specific? You could make the dessert party seasonally themed (e.g. spooky desserts for Halloween, an all-out celebration of Pie Day) or you could pick a general look and feel (e.g. Great Gatsby party, French café). You could also have an Iron Chef-style party where you challenge everyone to make a different dessert using one key ingredient.

Try Something New

As delicious as classic desserts like brownies and chocolate chip cookies are, hosting a dessert party provides a great opportunity to try baking something new. Challenge yourself to make something you’ve always wanted to, or check Pinterest for dessert ideas you might never have thought up yourself.

Work on Your Combos

Think about the dessert flavor combinations that are sure to be a hit. For example, if you’re making homemade vanilla ice cream for a summer dessert party, you could order our Cookie Bites to use as a topping. You could also get adventurous and try some new flavor combos—for example, use chili powder to add a kick to mango slices or make a cocktail that combines strawberries and basil leaves.

Pair the Perfect Drink

When choosing drinks for your dessert party, remember that you don’t want the flavor of the beverage to overwhelm the desserts. You can’t go wrong with a coffee bar. (Maybe we’re a little biased, but we think you can take your coffee bar to the next level by setting out some of our Soft-Baked Biscotti.) If you want to serve adult beverages, try to go for something light, like a wine spritzer or champagne.

Do Guests a Favor

Let’s face it: you’ll probably have some leftovers after your dessert tasting party. Stock up on to-go containers before the party so that guests can take a sampling of desserts when they head out the door. That way, they’ll get to try some desserts they may have been too full to sample at the party, and you’ll save yourself from the temptation of having a giant pile of desserts in your home.

We hope our tips have given you some great ideas for your next dessert party! Best of luck with your sweet get-together.

Host a Dessert Party

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