How Our Very Serious, Very Influential Podcast Was Born

What feels like decades ago (pretty sure it was less than a year ago though), I asked my fancy private chef friend Kellan to come have a drink with me.  The idea of doing a food-centric podcast had been percolating in my brain for several months but I hadn't nailed down the hook: what would make my podcast different from what's out there? Would it be super serious (not likely), very professional (still unlikely) or just funny & silly (a much better fit)?   I wanted to pitch the idea to Kellan and see if he could think of any ways to create a unique theme that would differentiate me from the masses. 

Some background: my first exposure to podcasts was in 2009.  I was teaching English to middle and high-schoolers in Tours, France- a rural area in the Loire Valley. My apartment didn't have a TV so I found entertainment in socializing a lot with my new international friends, downloading shows to stream online and finding podcasts to listed to while I nurtured a new hobby: knitting (hey- don't knock it. I have some wonderful scarves I've made that now carry me through the summers in SF). 

I found Spilled Milk that year and have been listening to the giggling hosts discuss & taste everything from energy bars to korean junk food ever since.  Matthew & Molly, the show's hosts, never fail to make me smile and once in a while I learn something I hadn't known prior. This seemed like a deliciously fun formula for a podcast.  And what could be better than hanging out with a friend and recording yourselves laughing for an afternoon? 

Fast forward again to 2014- a couple drinks in, Kellan and I realized how we, too, could spend the afternoons together laughing and claim that it was work: create a podcast with the premise that we select one ingredient (or theme, like tailgaiting) each episode and Kellan would give it the savory treatment while I would bath it in butter and sugar.  Thus, the Sweet & Salty Podcast was born. 

We're now 11 episodes into the adventure and having a ball. Our hope is that we expose our listeners to fun and unusual recipes that provide ways to incorporate ingredients into different parts of a meal that you may not have thought of.....and hopefully entertain you for ten minutes while we do it. 

So check out our show, subscribe on iTunes & leave us a review if you're feeling generous.  Oh, and don't forget to contact us if you have an idea for an ingredient we should feature!

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