How to Make Memorable Gifts
Instead of mining websites all over the internet for the perfect corporate

gift or gift basket for your lucky recipient, consider putting something

together yourself. You can customize the theme, include products that hint

at inside jokes or memories you share and create a gift that is much more

meaningful than buying a stock set.

Outside of costume parties we can think of no better place for a theme

than a gift basket. It gives you direction and helps to narrow down the

focus on what items will complement one another to make your gift

memorable and full of useful items the recipient will really use or


Here are a few of our favorites to try that have really resonated with recipients in the past:

1.) Café Chez Vous: coffee or tea themed gift with all the accoutrements

needed to create a deliciously calm moment of self-care of me time. A

pound of whole bean coffee or exotic tea, Chocolate Chip Brownie

soft-baked biscotti

2.) Your Place or Mine? ...for appetizers for 2, that is. A nice bottle

of wine or vermouth, your favorite hard and soft cheeses, roasted and

spiced nuts, freshly made grissini (Italian bread sticks and Sesame

Tahini Tea cookies.

3.) Around the World Through (Fair Trade) Chocolate: hot chocolate mix,

bars of milk, white and dark chocolate (don't forget to try one made with

coconut sugar and mylk!) or bars of varying degrees of percent cocoa plus

some Sweet Heat Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Once you have the theme established you need to put your business gift or beautiful gift set together. You'll need:

1.) A vessel in which to pack or ship your gift: try one made out of

recycled materials or a container that we can reused and be part of the

gift, like a cutting board

2.) Some filler or decorative padding to prop up your gifts or protect

them while shipping: avoid packing peanuts or bubble wrap here and use

richly colored tissue paper or shredded corrugate to stay green and


3.) A handwritten note: if your corporate gift or gift basket

recipient didn't know you already care a ton about them from the gift

alone, a handwritten note will surely seal the deal and confirm your

commitment to gifting something truly special and unique.

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