I'm new here, will you be my friend?
Welcome to the Marlo's Bakeshop blog! As I mentioned, I'm kind of the new kid.
But I think it will be ok, because you seem so nice and, well, in need of something new.

What's that you say? You've already had biscotti? OH! Well that's ok, because at Marlo's Bakeshop we don't make biscotti. We make Marlos. And they're different. And we want to keep being different.

We'll use all the flavors that you can't get enough of, but we'll be incorporating them into a surprising & unique cookie that....damn it...you just..can't...stop...eating.  I know, it's a problem; my whole family grew up afflicted by it, too.  But look at us! We all grew up ok, so you'll be ok too.  And we'll be your personal Enabler.

Because we genuinely believe that Marlos are a worthy addiction.

So just give 'em a try and taste one. Then another. Then don't be surprised when you're putting on the kettle for another cup of tea, or reaching into the fridge for milk with which to chase another Marlo, or pouring -ooops!- another glass of dessert wine to do a dip & bite.

We won't tell. And if by mistake you do, you can just keep them on lock down. Like one of our raving fans does:
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