NEW! Our Unique & Unusual Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

The classic chocolate chip cookie lends itself to endless variations, and that’s what we love about it. Our latest creation at Marlo’s Bakeshop, available this October, is a unique chocolate chip cookie that’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd. 

Our Sweet Heat Double Chocolate Chip Cookies combine rich chocolate with the sweetness of cinnamon and spicy cayenne pepper. The heat from the cayenne pepper brings out the natural sweetness of the cookie without ever being too overwhelming. Biting into one of these unusual chocolate chip cookies is kind of like taking that first step into your warm home after you’ve been out for a walk on a crisp winter day. And whether it’s a freezing day or 90 degrees where you live, we think you’ll love the comfort that comes from eating a freshly baked Sweet Heat Chocolate Chip cookie.

Why Sweet Heat?

Where’d we get the inspiration for our newest chocolate chip cookies? From our friend Ben, and his experience of drinking a cup of hot chocolate at a chili pepper festival, of course. Alright, maybe that’s not a universal experience, but you can imagine what it’s like to temper the heat of a spicy dish with a smooth, creamy cup of cocoa. Ben went home from the festival, whipped up this recipe & shared it with Marlo’s Bakeshop so that we can bring it to pantries and tummies like yours! That’s the idea behind the Sweet Heat Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. Whenever we create cookie variations, we always strive to share unique ideas & bring together flavors you might not expect in a way that inspires delight.

Natural Ingredients Make Our Cookies That Much Sweeter

As with all our products, our unique chocolate chip cookies are made with high-quality, GMO –free ingredients. We’re committed to working with local suppliers and using ingredients that you can pronounce. We also want to make sure you know exactly what goes into our delicious desserts. If you have any questions about our ingredients, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Try Our Unusual Chocolate Chip Cookies for Yourself

We could spend all day talking about our Sweet Heat cookies (we really could), but you won’t get the full experience of these unique chocolate chip cookies until you try them for yourself. 


Get Sweet Heat Now!


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