6 Dips Worth the Dunk

Biscotti is traditionally made for dunking in coffee or espresso, with it's naturally long shape making it the perfect pairing to any hot drink. And while this tradition is especially perfect on cold days when you're snuggled up in a blanket with a good book, it's not the only way we like to dunk our cookies. There's a whole world of non-drink dipping that we discovered and we want to share our secrets. Share with your friends or keep these secrets all to yourself, below is our list for the top 6 best dips to dunk your soft-baked biscotti cookies.


1. Nut Butter

Marlo is peanut butter obsessed so she would recommend dipping into Santa Cruz Organic all-natural peanut butter, but any nut butter would be a delicious & creamy pairing for our GF Banana Bread soft-baked biscotti.



2. Jam & Jelly

Although the name is a mouthful, Just Jan's Jams are a truly delightful pairing to soft-baked biscotti. Our friend Jan has a variety of jams available on her website, including sweet and savory options which make it a great dip for Original soft-baked biscotti which has more of a savory flavor profile. Serve both on your next cheese plate!



3. Nutella

Another Marlo's Bakeshop favorite.....we just can't get enough of this spread! From the moment we first tasted this chocolate hazelnut dip we knew it would be perfect on almost anything, including Chocolate Chip Brownie soft-baked biscotti. 



4. Mocha Dessert Dip

This dip is a creation of our own, made with our friend's Alpine Start's instant coffee which gives just a slight edge to the sweetness of this delicious dessert. Find the recipe on our blog!



5. Cannoli Dip

This is a fun and creative way to enjoy the flavor of cannoli without the hassle of making the classic Italian dessert. This recipe transforms the filling of the traditional dessert into a sweet, creamy dessert dip. The mini chocolate chips will mimic the chips in Chocolate Chip Brownie soft-baked biscotti and will be a naturally delicious pairing.



6. Pumpkin Dip

Craving the flavors of fall in February? Try making this Pumpkin Pie Dip Recipe and dunking Brown Sugar Coffee Cake soft-baked biscotti. The cinnamon flavors will be perfect with the cinnamon, clove, and ginger flavors in the dip.


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