Our New Series: Why We Love Fans Like_____!

First off...hey, welcome back. And happy new year! I know it's been awhile since our last post but it's been a super busy past couple of months. Forgive us?  Our exciting 2015 gift to you is our new series....“WHY WE LOVE FANS LIKE: _____”.

Our soft-baked biscotti pairs perfectly with coffee, that’s a no brainer. This perfect pairing has garnered us some major accolades from people everywhere since we launched our Bakeshop, but today we’d like to introduce a fan we love, Kim N.

KIM! Hi. Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Kim, I'm from San Jose, California. I make shiny spreadsheets for a living, but my passion is coffee. I am the local barista at work, so my department gets awesome coffee at cost. Definitely a lot of work, but is it really considered work when you get to try your hand at latte art??

Since you love coffee so much, discovering Marlo’s must have been a great day for you.
I found out about Marlo’s from the Kickstarter campaign! (remember that? wayyy back in October, 2013! link) It’s crazy to see how far it’s come.

What is your favorite part about cracking open a package of fresh soft-baked biscotti?
Well, since I run my own coffee shop at work, I mostly enjoy sharing them with my coworkers. I typically pair them with coffees I have found from various origins. The best pair, in my opinion, is a Midnight biscotti with the great rich chocolate flavor of a Peruvian coffee.

K, we are drooling a little bit now. What is your favorite part about introducing Marlo’s to others?
When people think biscottis, they think bland, hard, and blah. The surprise reaction to how good a biscotti can be, and that little bit of sweetness they add to coffee knocks it out of the ballpark. The funniest reaction so far has been "I'm hiding these from my [family]" after I gave them a 4 pack.

You are such a generous co-worker. What keeps you coming back for more?
[As part of running my own coffee shop], I'm constantly buying different coffee beans from local roasters and experimenting what pairs well with what. Also, it's a @#$% [ed note: her characters, not mine] yummy biscotti regardless.

Finish this sentence: If I had my way, the next flavor from Marlo’s Bakeshop would be_____
Something with macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips!

***We love Kim, and Kim loves us. Since our Kickstarter campaign, Kim has been a tireless fan and soft-baked biscotti devotee that she more than deserves this special shout-out! Thank you Kim for your support, creativity, and passion for coffee & biscotti. We are here today because of people just like you.

WANNA BE OUR NEXT FAN??? Email us now and tell us how YOU Mar

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