I was in the nail salon last weekend (bakers like pedicures, too!) and I met the most interesting woman.  She travels all over the world for work and grew up living in several different countries abroad, as well. We talked about the idea of loving your job (seemingly unattainable for a lot of us) and the joy of traveling to  foreign locales. 

She mentioned a spot in Dublin that sounded so romantic to me, featuring artisan products made by local manufacturers.  Among others, she mentioned an adeptly crafted potato chip made by brothers & a young woman who baked sweets and goodies to order.  

The conversation resonated with me.  In between my heart tugging me (again) to move back to Paris  and my head telling me that I love San Francisco (the weather! wine country!), I realized that, at the very least, I have something in common with those folks in Dublin: I am enjoying what I'm doing with Marlo's!

I get to bake cookies (And eat cookies. What? Sometimes they break...) and share them with family and friends and strangers who have yet to experience the unique happy dance in your mouth that occurs when you eat a Marlo. 

And now so many other people are going to be able to say the same thing! In late September the Governor of California passed the Cottage Food law, or California Homemade Food act, which allows for the creation of 'non-potentially hazardous foods' (i.e. cookies & cupcakes & brownies, oh my) in a home kitchen that can be sold to the public.

Hopefully this inspires more people to drop the laptop (not literally) and pick up a spatula-

Happy baking!


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