Last week Vince and I had another marathon session of baking at Tante Marie's Cooking School in preparation for the Underground Market we would be a vendor at shortly thereafter. Starting earlier this time (an obscene 4:30am oven pre-heat)  led to grumpier bakers, stronger coffee as fuel & louder music as motivation.  

Our 'happy mistakes' the first time though taught us several things that yielded some big efficiency gains the second time around. Like a well-oiled machine, we calmly walked out of TM's at 9am that morning toting another 60 pounds of fresh Marlos, ready to be shared with the world. 

The Underground Market that we were prepping to vend at is produced by an innovative organization called forage SF. The mission of this market is to act as "an incubator, a first step for artisans as they grow the financial and community support to embark on their road to small business ownership".  The promised exposure and opportunity to see peoples' reactions to Marlos were both so appealing to me that I was thrilled to get the invite to the final Underground Market, hosted on December 22nd. 

My favorite perk of participating was watching people as they tasted their first, fresh chunk of a Marlos sample. Not surprisingly, most of the folks who approached our booth assumed we were selling biscotti. As per the rest of my website, I quickly dismissed that notion and pointed out the distinct differences between the two cookies and, more specifically, what makes Marlos unique amongst all cookies.

I found that, no matter how often I heard high praises from the samplers, I was still hungry for more! I was getting overly greedy for cookie compliments....what will prove to be the biggest motivator for me to sell at more markets. So keep a lookout for postings about upcoming events. I've been bitten by the market bug and can't wait to do more. 

You can also let me know what your favorite Bay Area market is and maybe we'll see you there next time!
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