So Many Choices

Choices of what? New flavors of soft-baked biscotti, of course! A blessing and curse, really.  See, the base of the cookie recipe that my grandmother created is incredibly versatile and like a blank canvas; ingredients that effortlessly meld together and result is a cookie foundation upon which dozens of flavor combinations can be built and played with.  

In the past, we've sent out surveys with flavor ideas to you- our worthy addicts- to have you help us judge which contenders would be winners on your list (or rather, in your mouth).  While that's been a successful method (thank you, Pumpkin Spice lovers!), this time around we went a slightly more unconventional route when settling on the next flavor profile of our line. 

A story: I was flying home from Los Angeles last month, sitting next to and behind two strangers (as we tend to be on flights)....these two quickly became friends though.  I started chatting with my next-seat neighbor about Marlo's Bakeshop, our cookies & the current flavors and suddenly the gentleman in front of us swiveled around and inserted himself into the conversation.  Cookies bring people together, see?  She and I were building on my ever-growing list of new flavor ideas that I keep in my phone and he had so many great ideas that he couldn't help but contribute. 

The three of us spent the next 30 minutes cultivating a strong (and drool-worthy) list of flavor combos that energized and inspired me to go home and bake. 

What won out? What was the great idea that is now destined to become our next soft-baked biscotti flavor? Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake!  Bittersweet chocolate chunks, roasty,toasted pecans and a topping reminiscent of cinnamon streusel that will have you clamoring for more.  We're in full-on test/R&D mode right now with plans to release the flavor by the end of March, 2016. So keep your eyes and ears on Marlo's Bakeshop for delicious announcements and new flavor specials. 

Have flavor ideas of your own? Post them here in the comments section or contact us with your strokes of genius! Who knows, maybe you'll see them on a shelf near you in the not-so-distant future!

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