Hot Ideas for Summer Parties Your Kids Will Love

Whether you’re hosting a birthday, an end-of-summer bash, or a just-because outdoor party, these five summer party ideas for kids are sure to be a hit with your children and their friends.

Sundae Bar

Let the kids practice their MasterChef Junior skills with this summer kids party idea that lets them build their own ice cream sundaes. For a gourmet touch, start with the Your Sundae Best kit (which comes with organic hot fudge sauce, black cherries, sprinkles, and Marlo’s Bakeshop Cookie Bites) and purchase additional toppings as needed. Buy add-ins like M&Ms and mini-marshmallows in bulk, and set them out in Mason jars with spoons for easy scooping. Make sure to include toppings that the kids will find fun to add, like Gummi worms and whipped cream.

Backyard Movie Night

If your kids are old enough to stay up past dark during the summer, let them invite their friends over for a backyard movie night. You won’t need as many supplies as you think to throw this summer party for your kids: a laptop, projector, and speaker are the essentials. You can project a movie on the side of your house or a white sheet once it’s dark enough. Some people build a frame to keep their sheet-screen taut, but you can also just attach it to your fence or any other solid surface to keep it from moving.

To prep for this kid-friendly summer party, test out your projector and speakers (you don’t want any last-minute technical difficulties). Set out plenty of comfy outdoor blankets and camp chairs, and set up a table with popcorn and other movie snacks.                                 

Backyard Campout

If your kids aren’t ready for a real camping trip, a backyard campout can be a good first step. For this easy summer party theme, let the kids set up tents and sleeping bags, and let your children invite a few friends (whose parents have given them permission to camp out). You may not be able to construct a fire pit in your backyard, but you can always buy a portable one to use for (supervised) marshmallow roasting. During the day, lead the kids through some camping-themed activities, like going on a neighborhood hike or scavenger hunt.

Beach Day

Even if you live somewhere landlocked, you can bring the fun of a beach trip to your kids’ summer party with a sand-and-surf-themed celebration. Decorations could include beach towels, umbrellas, and colorful sand buckets full of party favors. Let the kids play with beach balls and cool off with a water balloon toss. If you want to incorporate a craft, you could have the kids paint shells with water colors or decorate inexpensive flip-flops with rhinestones, foam cut-outs, and more.

DIY Obstacle Course

Get your kids moving with a summer obstacle course party. The beauty of this idea is that it doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment; you can use things you already have around the house and yard to create the course. Let your kids help come up with ideas for the course and set up obstacles before their friends arrive. Simple obstacles kids could conquer at this summer party could include a board (laid flat on the ground) that serves as a “balance beam,” cones to weave between, a wading pool to walk through, and a sprinkler to run through at the finish line.
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