An Approach to Eating:  The 80/20 Lifestyle

At Marlo’s Bakeshop, we’re big believers in the 80/20 lifestyle - choosing to eat healthy foods 80% of the time, which then allows you the freedom to indulge the other 20% of the time. This is more of a healthy diet plan, that will make you feel better than any diet you’ve ever tried. I mean, what diet tells you it’s okay to eat those cookies you’ve been thinking about all day? The 80/20 lifestyle gives you just enough freedom to keep yourself in control and will guide you to make better choices, which is one of the first steps to starting a healthy lifestyle.


It’s no secret that the first rule of any diet is typically no sweets or desserts. And if you've ever made a major lifestyle change to lose weight, you know how it is. Staring longingly at that slice of chocolate cake, box of Oreos, or cinnamon buns, trying to think of all the reasons why you shouldn’t break your diet and take a bite. But the 80/20 lifestyle is all about balance and moderation so that you can build up a healthy relationship with your food. It encourages you to indulge every once in awhile so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Diets can help you lose weight but they’re definitely not a sustainable option, especially if you’re like us and have an actual social life. When you practice an 80/20 lifestyle, you have the space to go out socially and enjoy a meal (or cocktail!) with your friends, but most importantly it makes the whole clean eating thing feel doable for the long run. Because who wants to just be healthy for a month? No, you want to find that perfect sweet spot of balance that will make you feel good 100% of the time. 


So, we’re calling dibs on being in your 20%. Life is all about balance and sometimes a frothy latte and biscotti are just what the doctor ordered. Let us be part of your weekly indulgence and add the perfect amount of sweetness to your life. Go ahead, dunk that soft-baked biscotti my friend. 

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