Creative Gifts to Bring a Host or Hostess

You’re heading to a dinner party and want to bring a gift, but you already know the host or hostess is going to end up with four or five bottles of wine. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but your host might appreciate the surprise of an out-of-the-box hostess gift idea—especially if it’s something delicious or useful.

We’ve got a few suggestions for unique host or hostess gifts you can take to your next dinner party:

Snacks for Hungry Partygoers

Many of us have been in a hosting situation where our hungry guests have started to arrive, but the table isn’t set, or the main dish needs more time in the oven. Party snacks can be a lifesaver, giving guests something to enjoy and buying the host extra time to get dinner on the table. Help your host out by bringing a dinner party gift that could easily be added to a snack platter or cheese board, like the Host(ess) with the Mostess kit from our shop.

A Food Gift That Keeps on Giving

If you’re thinking about an edible hostess gift idea, consider giving something that has a long shelf life and can be used many times. That way, the hostess won’t feel rushed to consume it, and she’ll get to savor it over and over again. Creative dinner party gifts in this category might include a jar of your favorite herb blend or a bottle of fancy olive oil.

A Homemade Gift

If you’ve got craft skills and want to give something that will be personal, try making something for your host. You could make a set of coasters with their initials or a fresh loaf of zucchini bread (we know, this violates the long shelf life rule, but we don’t think the host will be too mad). This type of unique hostess gift may seem like a small gesture, but your host will probably be touched by the effort and thought you’ve put into it.

Something for the Home Library

If someone’s hosting a dinner party, the odds are good they like whipping up kitchen creations and would enjoy receiving a cookbook as a gift. Pick out a vintage cookbook with a beautiful cover or a specialized cookbook with recipes your hostess is unlikely to have tried. Alternatively, if you know the hostess loves creating cocktails, you could also pick up a coffee table mixology book.

Something for the Kitchen

There are plenty of small, useful kitchen items that make a perfect gift idea for a host or hostess at about the same price as a decent bottle of wine. Try to choose something that you know will be meaningful to the host. For example, if he likes to grill, you could bring a set of wood planks for salmon. If he loves wine and cheese pairings, choose an attractive cheese knife set. If he’s a coffee fiend, get him a set of decorative mugs.

Low-Maintenance Greenery

Cut flowers might seem like a thoughtful gift idea for your hostess, but they may be more trouble than they’re worth: the hostess will have to stop what she’s doing to find a vase, and the flowers will only last for a few days. Instead, bring a small potted succulent (or another easy-to-care for plant). It will be a nice decorative accent that your hostess can put anywhere in her home, and it won’t require a lot of effort.

A Gift Certificate Your Host Will Love Post-Party

Consider taking the money you would have spent on a bottle of wine and instead putting it into a gift card for a cleaning service or a spa day. Your host is sure to appreciate a dinner party gift that helps them relax after all the work they’ve put into their party.

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