Welcome fall with Marlo's Bakeshop

Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.
— Edward Sandford Mart

Wise words that we at Marlo's Bakeshop try to remember every day! The air is getting crisper (save for the Indian summer we have in SF), the leaves are changing color and the holidays are (gulp!) fast approaching.  Everything seems to hit full speed after the warm and whimsical days of summer come to a close.

Without exception, Marlo's Bakeshop is cruising full steam ahead in the kitchen towards our next new product. We're toying with something that we're pretty sure you'd like: sea salted MINI chocolate chip cookies.  Recipe testing has truly been "tough", what with all the chocolate tastings, spatula licking & crunchy cookie analyzing. But we do it for you, Dear Customer, because we aim to please.

Don't forget, you can always let us know if there's a new product you're looking for on the shelves. We'd be tickled pink to be the ones to bring it to you.

Mission Main St. Grant Contest!
Please take 3 seconds to click here and cast your vote for Marlo's Bakeshop. Grant money will go towards job creation & MORE COOKIES! Sharing the link, too, would be a huge help!

Sea Salted Mini CCCs
You can't eat just...er, 10. (But that's ok, because they're mini, right?) See more shots of our recipe testing fun on our Pinterest board.

Holiday Cookie Orders Don't forget to complete your Thanksgiving table with the perfect dinner closer: soft baked biscotti! Pair with wine, coffee, tea or a good ol' glass of milk. Order online at MarlosBakeshop.com

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