Initially, my goals for the first half of 2013 didn't seem incredibly lofty or particularly impressive:

1.) Get my finances in order. i.e. learn Quickbooks. i.e. Try to remember an eighth of what I learned in my Financial Accounting class from college... (only the phrase 'bad debts' initially came to mind)

2.) Work harder at promoting the brand through social media i.e. create posts more than 1x per week on Facebook & Twitter.

3.) Work on my packaging design with a professional so that I'm ready to go to print come summer.

Well, we are fast approaching summer (at least it feels like it here in SF) and I've gotten about 35% of the above complete. Normally, my type-A personality would take over here and scold me for not having Tweeted or posted profound thoughts on Facebook more often but I'm giving myself a break for once because despite leaving 65% of that work on the table I am WORKIN' IT!

One of the benefits of having a sister in sales & a boyfriend at a successful start up (AKA the Handsome Helper) is that you can learn so much by osmosis from these resources.  Growing up I was somewhat shy and often preferred to read a book than chat up a stranger. But after years of watching my sister make friends with anyone and everyone, I realized that I needed to exercise that muscle to both sell 'myself'- when it came to job interviews, etc.- and now to sell both myself and my Marlos.   That paired with Vince's get-your-name-out-and-get-the-sale attitude cultivated over 5 years at Green Toys have helped me make some moves these past couple months that I'm really excited about:

Firstly, I have paired up with personal chef, Kellan Hori, to prepare sophisticated and delicious desserts for his large-group events.  Kellan is an affable & charismatic self-taught chef whose been honing his culinary skills in the Bay Area while fostering wonderful partnerships with others in the food world.  I'm so thrilled to start contributing to these fabulous & unique dining experiences- did you say seasonal fruit tarts? Brown butter eclairs?  Chocolate olive-oil tortes? Why, yes! I'll make them all!  And if you hire Kellan, you can have them too.

Kellan and I will be working together throughout the summer to bring seasonal meals & treats to all his clients.  He is available for hire for casual lunches, Sunday brunches & more formal, sit-down dinners.  Check out his site to find out more!

Secondly, Marlos are now being carried at Philz Coffee right here in SF!  One of the great specialty coffee brands in the Bay Area with a cult following, Philz makes their brews one cup at a time.  And if you stop by the Van Ness location (corner of Eddy) you can grab a fresh Original or Midnight Marlo with your favorite Joe.

And what's better than that? Cheers to an exciting 2013 thus far with much more to come....
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