You Scream, I Scream... We're All Hollering For Ice Cream

....alright alright, we all know how the saying ends; no need to be yelling about ice cream, we've got enough of these amazing sundae kits to go around. 

Your Sundae Best was created because, well, when we looked around at the offerings in most grocery store ice cream aisles, we were a bit underwhelmed by the accoutrements offered:  gloopy hot fudge made mostly from corn syrup, sprinkles made with ingredients you can't pronounce, and we won't even go into the does-not-exist-in-nature color of those cherries.... 

However, the current state of the ice cream freezer is amazing! There are tons of small batch, high quality ice cream brands that can be found all over the country, providing consumers with thousands of flavor choices and the option to eat organic, dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream anytime, anywhere.  We thought the fixings should be just as high quality then, too. 

How We Put On Our Sundae Best:



1.) Purchase ice cream: we recommend a gallon (others will definitely want a sundae once you start eating yours)

2.) Open the fixings in Your Sundae Best kit.  Optional (but highly recommended): warm hot fudge)

3.) We like to layer as follows: ice cream, hot fudge, cookies, sprinkles...and a cherry - or 2- on top!

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