Boo'scotti Ghosts

It's almost Halloween and we've got a spooktacular treat for you that will have the whole neighborhood lining up to your house. We usually like to dunk our soft-baked biscotti in some tasty drinks but every now and then we need to dunk our cookies in something a bit more decadent: frosting! This Halloween we took Chocolate Pumpkin Pie soft-baked biscotti, drenched it in a cloak of white frosting, added a few googly eyes and created a mouthwatering monster-piece! These Boo'scotti Ghosts are the perfect festive snack for trick o' treaters of all ages. 




These spooky treats can be made with your favorite flavor of soft-baked biscotti, although we suggest Chocolate Pumpkin Pie or Chocolate Chip Brownie. We found some awesome candy googly eyes that were perfect for decorating the faces on your boo'scotti ghosts but if you can't find any black frosting and mini chocolate chips will do the trick. Homemade frosting is always recommended but if you're decorating in a pinch, feel free to use a squeezable bag of store bought frosting, we won't tell! 


Boo'scotti Ghosts are great for handing out to extra special trick o' treaters or to bring to a Halloween party. Our recommendation? Bring some boo'scotti ghosts to share with friends & dunk in spiked cocoa or cider while trick o' treating with your kids!





Materials Needed:

1 box of Marlo's Bakeshop Soft-Baked Biscotti (we recommend Chocolate Pumpkin Pie)

White & black frosting

Edible googly eyes 

Mini chocolate chips



1. Unwrap soft-baked biscotti. If using homemade frosting, scoop into ziploc bag and make a small cut from one of the corners. Squeeze frosting into cut corner for a make-shift pastry bag.

2. Dip or squeeze white frosting on one end of biscotti. Let the frosting drip down to create ghostly features.

3. Decorate with candy googly eyes and add chocolate chips or black frosting for their mouths.

4. Let boo'scotti ghosts sit & dry for 30 minutes before serving. 


Happy Halloween from some spooky 'scotti spirits!

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