Marlo's Daily Detox Smoothie

After a day of sampling one (or five..) too many test batches of new dessert recipes and soft-baked biscotti flavors, my body starts rebelling and urges me to purge myself of all the sugar it ingested.   My quickest, sure-fire way to do this? A good, sweaty workout and my daily morning detox smoothie recipe.


-Frozen organic fruit (I use bananas or a mixed berry blend)- it's important that it's frozen because this is what gives this detox breakfast smoothie its thick body.  If you don't have frozen fruit you can always add a little ice, but this may ultimately water down the flavor. Half of a banana and a small handful of berries is a nice blend.

-Organic peanut butter, no salt added- chunky or smooth, whatever suits you is fine here. I use chunky because I like the added texture it provides. You could certainly use almond butter or any other nut butter here- ~1T

-Kale for days- stems and all!  I add them in for heft and fiber. Spinach would also work here as does chard. I would stay away from a green like arugula since it has a pepper-y bite that may not jive with the breakfast vibe -Handful Fresh Kale

-Almond milk- any milk is fine here. I just found that my stomach got upset by cow's milk in the morning so I switched to unsweetened almond milk- ~1/2-3/4 Cup

-Optional: splash of orange juice, flax seeds, chia seeds, protein powder.... the possibilities are ENDLESS!


Layer ingredients in a blender: liquid, greens, frozen fruit, peanut butter. Blend until smooth! Note: if this sugar detox smoothie seems too chunky or has trouble blending add a bit more liquid until desired consistency is achieved.

The beauty of a detox smoothie recipe like this is that it's basically a blank canvas: you can add, adjust, take out or supplement ingredients to your heart’s delight so that you land on a flavor combo that you love.

I drink this easy detox smoothie every morning and the day just doesn’t feel right if I don't.  Enjoy your detox!


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