Mallow Cookie Pops

It’s that time of year again…summer barbecue season! From Fourth of July parties to Labor Day celebrations, summer is here and that means lots of potluck parties with our friends and families. But don’t stress too much, we’ve got lots of summer ideas for you featuring our soft-baked biscotti! This fun recipe’s twist on chocolate-covered marshmallow pops will be perfect for any summer get-together you attend.

What’s better than biscotti cookies and chocolate-covered marshmallows? Biscotti cookies and chocolate-covered marshmallow pops on a pretzel stick! Mallow Cookie Pops are a perfect treat to make when it’s too hot to even think about turning your oven on.

Feel free to use any flavor of our soft-baked biscotti, but we like the Chocolate Chip Brownie for this recipe. It’s rich and chocolatey like a brownie, but lends the perfect crumbly crunch to these marshmallow pops since they’re cookies that are baked twice. Because this no-bake dessert isn’t overly sweet, these Mallow Cookie Pops would be perfect to bring to any party this summer-for kids and adults alike.

Half the fun of this chocolate-covered marshmallow pop recipe is making it! Your kids will love rolling the jumbo marshmallows in melted white chocolate and soft-baked biscotti cookie pieces, then pressing in the pretzel rods to make the perfect stick to hold the marshmallow pops. The best thing about this unusual marshmallow pop idea is that you can make these ahead of time and allow them to set while you get ready for your party. Once assembled, lay out the marshmallow pops on a tray or use an upside down paper bowl with holes for the pretzel rods to hold these deliciously fun treats at your summer soiree.

Here’s how to make Mallow Cookie Pops…. enjoy!

Serves 6


  • 6 extra large marshmallows
  • 1 cup white chocolate wafers (also sold as ‘couverture’ from baking supply stores)
  • 5 oz box Chocolate Chip Brownie soft-baked biscotti
  • 6 pretzel sticks or pretzel braids, the thicker ones work best here

Chocolate Marshmallow Pops Recipe


  1. Remove cookies from packaging and put in large plastic bag. Seal closed. Using mallet or rolling pin, pound cookies until you have crumbs and small chunks. Alternatively, you could use a blender or food processor and pulse until you have fine crumbs and small chunks.
  2. Melt the white chocolate. You can do this in thirty second intervals using a microwave or a bain marie on the stove.
  3. Arrange melted chocolate in shallow bowl and cookie crumbs in another shallow bowl.
  4. Create drying platform for your pops by cutting holes the width of the diameter of the pretzel stick into an inverted paper bowl.
  5. Roll outside of marshmallow evenly in thin layer of melted chocolate and then immediately roll onto cookie crumbs; roll over crumbs 2-3 times for even coating.
  6. Push pretzel stick into base of marshmallow and place the pop into the inverted plate holder.
  7. Let dry 2-4 hours or until chocolate sets.

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Chocolate Cookie Marshmallow Pops

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