Nothing says summer like s'mores, am i right? Over-toasting marshmallows on a campfire till they're crackly and black and ready to collapse under the weight of a graham cracker...that's what really gets us excited for bonfires, slightly cooler nights and a way to usher in the fall that makes it a little less painful to say goodbye to summer.

Ingredients, Serves 1:

Lay out your biscotti so that the flat sides are facing down and you have an even surface upon which to build your s'more.  Place chocolate pieces on top of one piece of biscotti, evenly distributing the pieces along the length of the cookie. **place marshmallows on skewer and roast until desired level of char; they should be at least warmed and soft enough though to be squished easily under two cookies.  Taking the second biscotti in one hand, use it to transfer the toasted marshmallows to the length of the other cookie that has the chocolate on top. press down gently to secure. ENJOY!!

**Note: if you are not in the vicinity of a bonfire and don't have warm summer nights, like us in San Francisco, feel free to use a gas stove to toast your marshmallows. parent supervision highly recommended.
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