Marlo’s Bakeshop hasn’t forgotten about our gluten-free friends! We want everyone to be able to enjoy the wholesome goodness of Marlo’s Bakeshop soft-baked biscotti cookies and baked goods.

In answer to the rising demand for gluten-free varieties of Marlo’s Bakeshop favorites, we’re opening up a line of gluten-free goodies that lock every bit of home-style flavor that Grandmom baked into each bite of her most treasured bakery items. You can search the world for the best gluten-free biscotti cookies and goods, but there’s no need – we have them right here at Marlo’s Bakeshop.

BANANA BREAD (Gluten-Free) soft-baked biscotti

Delicious AND Gluten Free?

That’s right – you don’t have to sacrifice taste to make scrumptious baked goods.

Gluten is the main protein of wheat, which was once thought to be an indispensable baking ingredient. However, as awareness of gluten sensitivity and the presence of celiac disease began to rise, once-suffering bakery lovers started looking for alternatives to their favorite foods.

To replace wheat gluten, bakers adopted protein substitutes and gums. Eggs, guar and xantham gums, and whey protein all mimic the natural properties of wheat gluten without upsetting gluten intolerances.

Indulge in the Gluten-Free Life

We celebrate the gluten-free diet at Marlo’s Bakeshop. Living happily and healthily is what we’re all about – that’s why we share our favorite recipes and keep up with the Cookie Chronicles. Check them both out for cool gluten-free dessert ideas – or customize your own and share your recipe with the community!

Also, let us know what you think about our gluten-free soft-baked biscotti cookies. Next time you start searching for “the best gluten-free biscotti cookies near me,” save yourself some time and order from Marlo’s Bakeshop right away!