Forget the taste that’s just like Grandmom used to make. Marlo’s Bakeshop soft-baked biscotti and gourmet desserts are what Grandmom used to make.

Marlo’s grandmom, Ann, passed her super-secret family recipe for soft-baked biscotti cookies down to Marlo, and the world’s most genuine and delicious biscotti cookie bakery was born.

Marlo’s Bakeshop sources the sweetness of nature to meticulously craft wholesome, GMO-free gourmet baked goods batch-by-batch. We promise you’ve never tasted anything like it. At Marlo’s Bakeshop, online gourmet desserts have never been so close to home.

What Is Soft-Baked Biscotti?

It's biscotti with the soul of a cookie. Easy to bite with a soft-crunch, see? We know, we know – it sounds like a contradiction.

Well, it is a contradiction – and a delicious one, at that.

Our modern, soft-baked version of the classic biscotti cookie provides the satisfying crispiness you know and love from traditional biscotti, but it adds a slightly more tender texture that's gentle on your dental.

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