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Marlo started Marlo's Bakeshop in 2012 once receiving a degree in Pastry Arts from Tante Marie's Cooking School in San Francisco.  She decided to leave the local tech world she was working in and swap software for cookie batter. Marlo was so inspired by other Bay Area women who had started successful baking businesses that she decided to do the same and launch with her grandma's secret recipe. 

Marlo still lives in San Francisco with her husband.  She loves traveling to learn about other cultures' through conversation & food.  Her favorite Marlo's Bakeshop flavor is still grandmom's Original. 






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Shane is Marlo's Bakeshop's sales and social media manager.  He styles, shoots & posts for Marlo's across all social media platforms (Follow Us!) while keeping his cool on sales calls and getting it all done with a smile. Shane's favorite things are singing loudly on road trips, spontaneous dance parties, and exploring new cities.  His favorite Marlo's flavor is the Chocolate Chip Brownie.