Marlo’s Bakeshop, Organic Sesame Tahini Gourmet Cookies, Non-GMO Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut Free (2 pack)




RICH SESAME FLAVOR - A Delicate Tea Cookie Made from Tahini, Pure Vanilla, and a Touch of Sea Salted Honey.


TREAT YOURSELF - Pair with Coffee, Tea, Wine, Cheese, and Spirits


NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED - Made with Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil and Organic Tahini. Never Any Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives.


WHOLESOME INDULGENCE - Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, and No Artificial Ingredients. Just 160 Calories Per Serving. Certified Kosher.


GRANDMA’S SECRET RECIPE - Globally Inspired Flavors from a Moroccan Family




<p><b>Sesame Tahini Tea Cookies - Rich, Delicate, Lightly Sweetened with Honey</b></p><p>Marlo's Bakeshop’s Heirloom Cookie line celebrates this traditional cookie recipe from a Moroccan family. Addictively delicious Tahini Tea Cookies made mouthwatering gourmet snacks for your lunchbox, dessert, or celebration - a wholesome indulgence at just the right moment.</p><p><b>Savta's Secret Recipe</b></p><p>Tahini is made from toasted, ground sesame seeds. You can find it in popular foods such as hummus. The word “tahini” comes from the Arabic verb “to grind”. Its consistency is similar to a loose peanut butter and the two ingredients can often be swapped in recipes.</p><p><b>One Bite is Not Enough</b></p><p>At just 160 calories per 3-cookie serving, this lightly sweetened treat makes any occasion feel elegant. It pairs divinely with coffee, tea, wine, and spirits. It is delicious dunked in milk. Made exclusively with organic & GMO-free ingredients and healthy-healthy coconut oil. Free of preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors. Non-GMO Project verified. Four servings per box.</p><p><b>Heirloom Secret Recipes</b></p><p>It all began with Grandmom Ann's soft-baked biscotti. Grandmom's recipe was famous in our family. Baking biscotti was her way of showing love and support. She passed her biscotti recipe on to me and I’ve continued her tradition with Marlo's Bakeshop.</p><p>Family recipes help connect us to our traditions. I wanted to learn about about other families and their secret sweet treats, so Marlo’s Bakeshop sponsored a SHARE YOUR SECRET RECIPE competition. Sharing and talking about secret treats is my way of keeping family traditions & heritage alive.</p><p>Thanks to Satva and all those who celebrate their delicious family heritage & traditions. Enjoy something sweet with those you love. Engage with your community. Celebrate. Talk, listen, and share your secret recipes.</p>