A Side of Crunch: Yogurt Bowl

Better your breakfast with this delicious yogurt breakfast bowl recipe!


-Your favorite flavor of yogurt (we like organic, full-fat Greek yogurt for a creamy, wholesome treat that won’t leave you hungry in an hour)
-Marlo’s Bakeshop soft-baked Banana Bread Gluten & Dairy-Free biscotti, chopped into small chunks
-Fresh blueberries
-1/2 Banana, thinly sliced
-Toasted almonds and/or walnuts
-Raspberry preserves
**Gluten, dairy & soy-free


Put half your biscotti pieces in the base of an empty bowl. Spoon yogurt over top of biscotti.  Add fruit, toasted nuts, additional biscotti and fruit preserves to top your yogurt bowl off, and DIG IN!

Make it yours!

-For an even sweeter breakfast bowl recipe, sub out the preserves for honey, Nutella, or maple syrup
-Add flax or chia seeds and/or wheat germ for additional nutrition
-Use any fruit you like in this yogurt breakfast bowl! Feel free to mix up our selection and use whatever fruit is fresh and in season in your market.

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