Superbowl Favorites

It's January again and you may think you can finally go into hibernation after the hectic holidays but alas, Superbowl Sunday is right around the corner. And while it may not be your crazy aunt or drunk uncle, there will definitely be screams and shouts as touchdowns are made. Thank god for the Superbowl Spread. 

The infamous Superbowl Spread is one of our favorite things about Superbowl Sunday, besides the commercials of course. You've got your classics: hot wings, pigs in a blanket, bbq meatballs. Maybe a bowl of nacho cheese with some chips and guac. Every year it tends to be the same thing. And while we don't necessarily have allegiance to either one of the teams playing, we definitely favor certain snacks being served during the game. 

Why bore your fellow football fans with the same old selection? This year, the excitement and cheers will be for the delicious snacks you make and victory will be so sweet. Some of our Superbowl favorites, like our Salty Sweet Snack Mix, can be served in decorative paper cups for easy transport to the couch & individual servings with which to watch the game.

Other favorites include Mocha Peanut Butter Dessert Dip, a twist on the classic chip n' dip that is sure to please some of your sweet tooth friends. Try out some of these winning recipes for your Superbowl Spread this year and may the best snack win!

1. Salty Sweet Snack Mix

Think of it like a fancy Chex Mix upgraded with a few surprises, like chocolate covered raisins, salty potato chips, and chunks of cinnamon-sugary Brown Sugar Coffee Cake Cookie Bites.

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2. Mocha Peanut Butter Dessert Dip

When it comes to dippers, we recommend pretzel rods, apple slices, marshmallows, graham crackers, or even soft-baked biscotti! Anything can be a dipper if you're creative!

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3. Chocolami 

Keep this unusual dessert cold until the very last minute and cut slices like normal salami. These slices will be for the brave eaters and their boldness will be rewarded with deliciousness! 

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4. Tahini Magic Squares

This classic kid's recipe has us adults crushing hard. We’ve upgraded the classic recipe with Tahini Tea Cookies in the cookie crust and a touch of tahini to bring out all the sweet sesame goodness.

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