GF Banana Bread Overnight Oats

We’ve officially made it out of winter, spring is here! Just when it feels like we will be stuck in the doldrums forever, March rolls around and brings us back to life. Everything feels reinvigorated this time of year, from the flower buds poking out of the dirt in our gardens to the act of putting away heavy winter clothes in exchange for lighter jackets and tees. And we all know a few rays of warm sunshine can feel like the best feeling in the world after a long, dark winter.

 We’re not sure about you guys, but when March arrives, we immediately go into spring cleaning mode. Something about the changing of the seasons makes us feel like we need to do a thorough sweep of our closets to get ready for the upcoming warm weather months. While spring cleaning this year, we had an amazing realization. Why not clean out our mind and body as well as the house? We decided a beginner’s cleanse would be a perfect reset after months of holiday eating and imbibing. For the cleanse, we’ll will be cutting out dairy and gluten, which is really easy to stick  with when we’ve got yummy, healthy breakfast recipes like this Banana Bread Overnight Oats.

As the saying goes, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, and it’s also the most versatile! Sweet or savory, it’s super fun and easy to mix up a healthy breakfast option. Inspired by our recent decision to go clean, we crafted a recipe that would be as delicious and stress-free as possible (as we might be a little grumpy from the lack of cheese and bread in our life- ahem). This easy-to-prep recipe is easier to make than banana nut muffins and packed with more fiber, protein and flavor yet it has all the same satisfying flavors. Along with gluten-free rolled oats, this recipe has chunks of Gluten-Free Banana Bread Soft-Baked Biscotti, which really gives it a banana oatmeal cookie taste, the result being delicious and within our cleanse guidelines!

BONUS: this breakfast can be taken on-the-go! Layer all your ingredients in a mason jar or any other portable container the night before, let the oats do their overnight magic, and wake up to a healthy breakfast, ready to be consumed!  






 Gluten-Free Banana Bread Overnight Oats



1 cup Gluten-free rolled oats

½ cup frozen blueberries (or berry of your choice)

Handful of toasted pumpkin seeds

1 tablespoon date syrup (or maple syrup or honey)

2 x 1oz Banana Bread soft-baked biscotti, chopped into chunks

2 tablespoons flax seeds

1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or soy, coconut or dairy milk)

Pinch of salt

Optional: nut butters, toasted nuts



  1. Layer all ingredients in 8oz mason jar or other container with a lid. Add salt halfway through layering process. Cover with almond milk.
  2. Let sit overnight in the fridge and enjoy the next morning.
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